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Energy Services Group
Energy Services Group
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Since 1981

International Code Council Certified Energy Inspector and Plans Examiner

Energy Services Group, Inc. are professional, full service energy diagnostic and repair experts in apartments, residential homes and light commercial buildings. We are a consulting, contracting and testing company who inspects, evaluates and repairs energy related problems and deficiencies in Chester County and neighbor counties since 1985.

Energy Consulting, Diagnostic, And Inspection Services

Print Review
Thermal Envelope Design Review
HVAC Design Review
Ventilation Design Review
Insulation Specifications
Materials Consultation

Diagnostic Services
Blower Door Infiltration Test to ASTM E-779
Thermographic Scan of Envelope
Thermographic Scan of Controls & Switching
Thermographic Scan of Radiant Floors
Thermographic Scan of Refrigerated Buildings
Duct Leakage Diagnostics
Flow Hood Duct Flow Measurements
Temperature Measurements Diagnostics
Moisture and Mildew Diagnostics
Relative Humidity Testing

Inspection Services
State Energy Code Inspection
Rough Stage New Construction Inspections
Post Drywall New Construction Inspections
Job Site Consultation

Is your home or building energy efficient?
If yes, then you are saving money every day.
If no, then you are spending money unnecessarily every day.
If you do not know, then call us for a consultation and/or inspection today.

Low Cost Energy Audit - $160.00
Walk through Energy audit and consultation. This low cost visual audit will look for potential improvements in attic insulation, basement insulation, duct leakage window/door weather stripping and resolutions for spot comfort problems.

We will also discuss the cost effectiveness of any energy improvements you may be considering. Such as upgrading insulation, windows and HVAC systems.

Use our experience and expertise to make the right energy upgrade decisions. The audit takes about one hour, audit commentary will be provided verbally on site and by email.

Energy Audit one
*Infrared Insulation Audit - $295.00*

An infrared energy audit of all exterior walls, floors and ceilings will be conducted. The insulation audit provides you with the knowledge you need to make the most cost effective decision regarding insulation repairs and upgrades. Includes recommendations on insulation types and contractors. Proper insulation repairs/upgrades will improve comfort and reduce energy bills. Audit commentary will be provided by email.

Energy Audit two
*Heating/Cooling Comfort Energy audit - $395.00*
  (Includes Infrared Insulation Audit)

A flow hood test of all delivery and return registers will be conducted to asses HVAC flow performance. All accessible duct registers will be tested. Recommendations on HVAC repairs and upgrades will be provided including HVAC contractor recommendations. This is the best choice for diagnosing and curing typical comfort complaints such as cold rooms over the garage. The heating/cooling energy audit will provide you with the knowledge to make cost effective decisions about HVAC equipment upgrades. Audit commentary will be provided by email.

Energy Audit Three
*Whole House Energy Audit - $595.00*
  (Includes Energy Audits One And Two)

A blower door air infiltration energy audit will be conducted in conjunction with the infrared audit to identify major air leakage sites in your home. The blower door induces air leakage through all air leakage sites in the house and the infrared scanner is used to track and identify these sites. A detailed plan of action will be developed including repairs, materials, contractors and timing of repairs to provide air leakage HVAC and insulation repairs/upgrades for the whole house.

Our contractor recommendations are based on years of assessing the professionalism and expertise of the particular contractor. We have no financial ties to the contractors we recommend.

Some customers prefer us to act as general contractor. In that case, we will hire the contractors and over see their work and you will be billed at the completion of all repairs.

Rescheck - IECC Calculations and Compliance Certificates
$150.00 for homes up to 5,000 square feet.

Larger homes priced based on square footage.

*New Construction*
2009 IECC Energy Code Testing and Inspection Services

Blower door test to certify air leakage conformance - $175.00

Test to certify duct sealing conformance - $125.00 (when done in conjunction with the blower door test)

Plan review in your office to detail air sealing work for energy code conformance - $150.00

Post insulation, pre drywall inspection for energy code conformance - $95.00

Pricing for homes larger that 5000 SQ. Ft. will be provided on request.

Energy Services Group

Energy Diagnostics & Conservation Design Services
Professional, full service energy diagnostic and repair experts in apartments, residential homes and light commercial buildings.