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Energy Services Group, Inc. is a full service energy contracting, testing and consulting company involved in the diagnostics and repair of energy problems in existing residential, light commercial and apartment buildings and the implementation of the Triple E Program standards to thousands of new homes each year since 1985. The company has four (4) full- time employees operating five (5) radio-dispatched vehicles from our full-time staffed office, and managed on a full-time basis by the owner of the company.

John Lyon - President/Owner

Mr. Lyon has a background in Quality Engineering, marketing and home building. In 1981, he was trained by Dr. Gautum Dutt and Kenneth Gadsby, who developed their "House Doctor Approach" in the late 1970's. This method of increasing building efficiency stresses the necessity for systems analysis, the actual measurement of problem areas, and the cost effective nature of each implemented conservation item dictated by that measurement. Since then, he has used this training along with findings from Lawrence Berkeley Labs, other research, and his own diagnostic and repair experience in 1 5,000 structures to put together efficiency programs for new and existing houses, apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings. Energy Service Group is a member of the Home Builders Association and offers consulting to: homeowners, builders, apartment complex managers, architects, insulation companies, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractors.

Mr. Lyon was a member of the 3-man house doctor team that, in 1982, developed the New Construction Sealing Procedures that have been incorporated into the Philadelphia Electric Company Triple E Program. He has been a full-time house doctor since 1981, and an approved tester/demonstrator for the Philadelphia Electric Company Triple E Program. He is also under contract with Metropolitan Edison to provide weatherization services for their Warm Program.

Mr. Lyon was part of a 3-man team including Kenneth Gadsby, that demonstrated the House Doctor procedures and trained personnel for the United States Air Force Base Housing Conservation Program. This program was then implemented by United States Air Force for base housing in the Continental United States.

Mr. Lyon has been involved in training Philadelphia Electric Company personnel on the technical aspects of the Triple E Program and has been a speaker at an ACT 222 builders seminar at the request of the Department of County Affairs staff members.

Mr. Lyon has given numerous Energy Seminars to Philadelphia Electric Company, the Pennsylvania Electric Association and the Home Builders Association.

Mr.Lyon was interviewed by the New York Times, Jan. 19 1997, on the subject of conducting a credible energy audit.

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